Summer Training Week 3

Wednesday, June 17 2020

Week 3 Highlights

- Pod Wars are BACK! Check the highlighted part of the document for a few things your POD should do this week. There is also a description of ways that your POD can earn points each week. The winning POD at the end of the Summer will get to create CUSTOM tshirts!!

- Please LOG your MILES! Lakesrunning OR submit on Google Classroom. (earn POD points too!)

- Check out the Warm Up video with Jack Engel. These are the exercises that you should do before EVERY workout or run. Remember that Quality, not quantity is important here.

- Thank you to the guys who showed up for our virtual hangout on Friday. Jackbox provided some fun for a few hours.

- Who is hosting our next event? What are we doing? When? #United

- IHSA may move to phase 2 in early July. There is potential for us to have a Summer Camp in July AFTER the IHSA moves to phase 2. Will update when I find out more.

- We have direct access for anyone who is injured. You can be checked out by a PT at Athletico without needing to see a Dr. first. They have in-person and telehealth available. Please utilize this great option if you are hurt.

Have a great week Eagles!