Cross Country Info Meeting

Thursday, May 28 2020

Summer is here! We are beginning to train for the Fall Cross Country season. While we will begin virtually, we hope to be able to meet at some point in person. Until then, use the plans below to get in shape. Each week we will have various ways to get involved and stay connected with the team. Please take advantage of these opportunities and contribute to our amazing culture. Be consistent, competitive, plan ahead, and be accountable. While not ideal to begin with, we are very excited to work with you this Summer. This can be our best season yet! Contact Coach Shepherd or Coach Jazo with any questions or concerns. 

*Suggested training for Week 1 is below. se the plan below to keep track of your daily training.

*Please log your miles on Lakesrunning (you will need an account to do this). U

Red (Beginner/ Resuming training after time off)
White (Intermediate)
Blue (Advanced)

* You may do any plan or move between plans as needed. Do what is best for you. The goal is to get to the end of Summer with everyone being able to do some workouts in the white or blue track.

*You will notice that SAM is referenced. The exercises for Strength And Mobility can be viewed in the video links below. These should be done right after a run and BEFORE strides. If you would like to do more than what is listed, you may add in other phases. The goal is to begin Phase 4 by the time the season begins.

SAM Phase 1 Easy

SAM Phase 1 HARD


* Please email Coach Shepherd or log on to Google Classroom for a clearer picture.


gretchen.good@chsd117.orgTuesday, June 9 :: 10:10:49 am      
Monday- 2.5 miles Tuesday-2 miles Thursday- 4 miles Saturday-1.5 miles