Summer Training Week 2

Sunday, June 7 2020

Hey Eagles! We hope week 1 went well for you. Please do not forget to log your miles! We will be checking Lakes Running (or you can email a coach) on Tuesday and sending out a mileage leader board later in the week. Also, please let us know how your time trial went. Please try to check Google Classroom every few days for updates.

This week we will progress in our training slightly. Your 3 main workouts are Hills, Long Run, and Tempo (medium run). You can choose to do them any day you'd like. For HIlls, any incline will work, but we suggest Sun Lake. For the Medium Run, try doing it at McDonald Woods. Our goal is for everyone to able to complete 1 big loop (starting at the intersection after the parking lot and including the wood chips) by the end of the Summer. If you track your time now, you can see your improvement.

**Zoom Team Meeting**
Wednesday @ 3:03pm
Short meeting. Getting to know your teammates, update on Fall season from IHSA, and discussion of social events.

Meeting ID: 974 0464 4617
Password: 3s5BLA