End of Season Awards

Monday, May 14 2018

Banquet season is here! We will host a Boys AND Girls awards banquet next week. The time and dates are listed below. The banquet is not mandatory, but we would love it if everyone can be there. Please contact Coach Ellerman or Coach Shepherd if you cannot make it and we will arrange an opportunity for you to pick up your award.


Boys Banquet

Date: 5/21

Time: 6:30pm

Location: LCHS Cafeteria

Dress: There is no dress code.

*Awards can be picked up in the main office if you were not able to attend.

Girls Banquet

Date: 5/23

Time: 6:15pm

Location: LCHS Cafeteria

Dress: The athletes have decided to dress up for the awards. Parents may dress however they would like.