Minooka Flighted Invitational


- Channahon, IL -- Channahon Community Park

Saturday We will travel to the Minooka Invite. Please click here for directions to Channahon Community Park. This meet is a flight meet, which is a unique format. Please see info below.

*BUS LEAVES AT 5:35am 

Line Up (*All levels compete!)

F/S Boys Race – 8:30 a.m. (All F/S Boys not in Varsity will participate)

F/S Girls Race – 8:35 a.m. (All F/S Girls not in Varsity will participate)

The boys and girls will start their flight races at the same time. We will start with the 7th flight and then proceed down to the 1st or “Championship” Flight.

9:15am Flights 1-7 beginning with 7.

Flight 7 - (Hannah Grant & Tim Smith)

Flight 6 - (Morgan Gillespie & RJ Migas)

Flight 5 - (Alex Bryant & Jack Erwin)

Flight 4 - (Simone Lippmann & Charlie Halberg)

Flight 3 - (Brooke Stromsland & Owen Wenberg)

Flight 2 - (Megan Knuettel & Ethan Schommer)

Flight 1 - (Olivia Schmitt & Talon Knauf)

**Open - All JR & SR runners not in varsity.

7th Flight Boys/Girls – 9:15 a.m.

6th Flight will start once the last runner from the 7th crosses the mile marker.

5th Flight will start once all the runners from the 6th flight finish.

4th Flight will start once the last runner from the 5th crosses the mile marker.

3rd Flight will start once all the runners from the 4th flight finish.

2nd Flight will start once the last runner from the 3rd crosses the mile marker.

1st (Championship Flight) will be run at the completion of the 2nd flight.

Open Races – Boys will start after the completion of the 1st flight.

Girls will start 25:00 after the Boys Open has started.


Scoring:  Scores from each of the seven races will be added together to compute the final score. All flights have the same value. The best possible score is 7 points. In case of a tie, the finish of the runners in the championship flight will be the tiebreaker. If a team does not have seven runners then a ghost runner will be used; however, they must fill in the flights starting with the championship flight.

Results: The results will also be posted on www.runminooka.com Saturday afternoon.